Harmony is a type of bit created as a thread race. The Harmony Bits series is constituted from a steel cable with to the extremities a brass ear-ring, a first covering in plastic material that of it determines the rigidity: Harmony A - Harmony 1 - Harmony 2 - Harmony 3
All it comes strained in only fact by hand in its kind with a special one stirs siliconica non-toxic and apt to assure to your horse the maximum confort.

Poponcini Harmony Bit with bronze inserts with zircons
Bit with bronze inserts with zircons
Poponcini Harmony with centralBit with central piece
Poponcini Harmony Bit with bronze insertsBit with bronze inserts

PHL Snaffle with long shanks


250.70 + VAT

Mouthpiece with rings

Art. PB-AN

125.40 + VAT

Snaffle with rings and Copper Ferrule

Art. PB-AB

153.85 + VAT

Snaffle with rods

Art. PB-AS

188.00 + VAT

Snaffle with rods and little rings


188.00 + VAT

Horse bit type BC2

Art. PB-BC2

205.00 + VAT

Bridle bit

Art. PB-BB

247.20 + VAT

Elevating snaffle with rods


250.70 + VAT

elevating snaffle

Art. PB-EL

188.00 + VAT

PSS snaffle


188.00 + VAT

PSS snaffle whit double ring

Art. PB-PSS2

196.55 + VAT

Horse bit type Hack a Bit with bronze buckles

Art. PB-HB bronzo

447.25 + VAT

PHL snaffle


250.70 + VAT

BC snaffle

Art. PB-BC

205.00 + VAT

BV snaffle

Art. PB-BV

188.00 + VAT

“D” Snaffle

Art. PB-DS

188.00 + VAT

Small-“D” Snaffle

Art. PB-DP

188.00 + VAT

ESSE snaffle


203.60 + VAT

KBL Snaffle


219.35 + VAT

Olive snaffle

Art. PB-OL

188.00 + VAT

Sw snaflle

Art. PB-SW

219.35 + VAT


1. The normal mouths cause pain, a hurting horse cannot be relaxed.
2. With the Harmony mouths you will have from quickly a relaxed and ready horse to express the best of if in the several competitions.
3. The normal mouths leave unavoidably a air passage laterally and this can worse provoke to serious problems to the respiration (noise) or still deformation of the trachea with clogging of the aerial ways, type bolsaggine.
4. The horse in freedom maintains to the lips sluices, there is not passage of air in the mouth and the language is retired.
5. With the mouths Harmony series we have intentional to leave the conditions of the free horse almost unchanged. The rosettes, fused with to the thread, close in perfect way the eventual air passage and the detail stirs minimally does not annoy of the closing of the jaws of the movement of the language.

NOTE: The thread Harmony series is covered in stirs siliconica, its duration in mouth to the horse is much inferior to that of a thread in metal. With a small investment you will have an other horse and when your friend understands that he does not have more pain in mouth you of it will be pleasing.
We advise our customers to buy a very precise size of this kind of mouthpieces (washers have to be set in a grazing position as compared to the horse’s mouth) because, due to the wide flexibility of this product, in case one would buy a too large size, the snaffle would undergo a bigger bending process when the horse would be called back, and this would increase the possibility that the horse could catch the snaffle with its teeth and chew it.
We furthermore advise to pay the utmost care when positioning the snaffle onto the horse’s mouth, this too has to be done so as to avoid that the horse would succeed in catching the snaffle with its teeth, and we advise our customers to have a specialized dentist smooth the horse’s first upper and lower molars.
A snaffle has the function to establish a contact between the horse and the rider and it hasn’t got the function of being used as a big handle to be grabbed onto.
Orders to the horse have to be given mostly by means of  body movements and not by means of using one’s arms’ strength.
The kind of pressure which is normally applied to a horse’s mouth can vary as from 200-300 g up to 3-4 kg maximum in order to avoid that the mouth itself can be damaged.
The snaffle, I would like to underline, mustn’t be considered as a big handle to be grabbed onto in order to avoid falling off the horse.

The steel cable contained within our snaffles can grant a resistance to traction of about 100-120 kg (obviously this resistance shall decrease with the passing of time, due to the wear and tear of the cable).
In order to make our snaffles so flexible and enjoyable for the horse, we had to use a cable made up of many thin steel wires, which, with the passing of time, will inevitably become worn out and will break.
It is not possible to exactly calculate when this break will occur, since this mostly depends from the rider and from the horse.
We created this type of snaffles for the horses’ well-being, in order to avoid seriously damaging their mouth as it normally occurs with standard metal snaffles or even chains.
In case one wants to use our snaffles, it is necessary to replace them after a certain period of time, which has to be evaluated by the rider himself/herself because, as already mentioned above, it is not possible to establish a precise period of duration, since this is only due to the way the rider uses snaffles.
There are many reasons which can cause a rider to fall off a horse, and in many cases a fall is due to a lack of  the rider’s balance on the horse.
Sometimes not only the rider but also the horse will fall, because the rider’s lack of balance will cause a loss of stability as regards the horse itself too.
Balance is most of all due to the position of legs and to the rider’s position on the horse, and this cannot be improved by grabbing onto the snaffle, on the contrary this kind of behavior almost always worsens the situation.

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